Loyola classes and updates


I had the opportunity to take a lot of classes last year covering core CS topics. I am working to update the content of this site to newer projects. I have been working with new javascript frameworks D3.js in particular. An application we developed for a class was good experience in creating a full stack app from scratch. The front-end was a lot of fun to develop and I got to learn more about Mongodb and non-relational databases on the back. A little design and CSS to make it pretty and I think it turned out well. I have a few screenshots of the UI I designed and developed below.

Our project was an online stock trading simulator with some research tools. A user is given a starting amount and can buy and sell stocks based on real time market values and see real time data through visualizations based on their input. It uses mongoDB, and Node.js on the back-end. The front end uses D3.js for visualizations and Jquery to get data from remote API's. It was all been developed from scratch using freely available libraries and resources:

The dashboard gives a user the ability to search for the current price of a stock and to Buy or Sell that stock. It also displays the user's portfolio and value of all their stock purchases. There is also a transactions history page to keep track of each individual trade.

The visualizations page shown below gives some tools to research various stocks and historical data, up to 20 years worth in some cases.

The charts below are showing the latest hours worth of data for a given stock broken down minute by minute.