Location based venue app


Since I built this app using HTML5 geolocation the specifications have changed, you need be on a secure https connection now to use this feature. I added a security certificate through Amazon to a website of mine and moved the code for the app to it. I also updated a few other things improving the responsive elements and fixing some outdated libraries that were used. It's looking better than ever now!

View the code on github

This project was aimed at mobile devices and takes advantage of HTML5 geolocation data to query Foursquare's API, and return a list of venues around the user. It displays category, distance, if the venue is open, and then it plots the venues on a map around the user. It also takes advantage of localforage to store some cached data. If the user makes a request and the network is unavailable it should return the last known data. The responsive layout was built with HTML5 Boilerplate and Initializr.