Intelligent Qube web game


Latest deployed version of this game

This summer I made a game that uses Svelte, Threlte, and Threejs. These libraries allow you to create a fully web based game using javascript. That's great for general accessibility of the project and I happen to like using JS and Svelte. Being fairly new to 3D programming it's nothing super complex, just a simple concept with lots of cubes and some throwback sound bytes.

Based on the original Playstation game Intelligent Cube. It has similar rules with a few twists. The in game rules menu explains the rules and controls if you want to try it. Maybe there are others who also have nostalgia for this game!

For best performance you should have gpu acceleration enabled in your browser. I get the best frames per second with Chrome. It's pretty smooth unless there are a lot of other tasks running. I have included a performance mode and a toggle for fps display in the controls menu. It may struggle on slower systems.