Javascript stock market trading app


Github code for Javascript stock market trading app

I have been re-developing an application that I previously worked on during my time studying at Loyola. I was part of a group that created a stock market trading application Referenced here. As I mentioned in that post my responsibility in that project was specifically to create the visualizations and the front end of the app. I wanted to work on my server side skills and Node.js skills so I decided to rewrite the entire application using full stack javascript.

The key functionality/features I created are:

  • The ability to 'buy' and sell stocks
  • Show a user their current portfolio as well as a history of trades made
  • Persistent storage of this data
  • Only use javascript

It has been going great and I've been gaining a lot of experience with Express, Node, MongoDB, and Mongoose. I have setup the server to initialize a user in the database with a starting amount if none exists. Then it keeps track of the actions taken and only allows for purchases and trades that the user has the correct amount of money or shares to complete. It validates these conditions on the client and server side. The application is automatically updated after each transaction and displays the users portfolio and a history of trades.

Javascript stock market trading app